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Taking a Journey into the Rainforest Mind

It has been more than four years (and two grandchildren) since I last wrote a post for this site. In that time, I have continued working with amazing gifted and twice-exceptional clients, and I have read dozens of great books. So where to begin, that’s easy: Your Rainforest Mind: A Guide to the Well-Being of Gifted Adults and Youth by Paula Prober. I wrote a previous post about Prober in March 2102, entitled Giftedness and the Rainforest Mind: Our Endangered Students. Her blog posts continue to be insightful, humorous, and important.

Your Rainforest Mind is THE book for those people beginning their exploration of gifted issues as well as those (like me) who have been in gifted education for decades. I own dozens of book on giftedness (and I have read many more), and this book rises to the top for its holistic approach to understanding gifted people.

As a professor of gifted education, I was always looking for the best resources to expand my students’ hearts and minds about gifted people. I certainly would have required this book for my courses on “Introduction to Gifted Education” and “Social and Psychological Foundations of Gifted Children.”

What makes Prober’s work seminal is that it includes the stories and voices of her clients, it provides a wealth of valuable resources, and it has the potential of having a significant impact on gifted adults, and on the parents of gifted children.

The stories of Prober’s clients are so compelling, I am grateful to be able to learn from them, and I know many readers will now hope to find a therapist who connects so deeply with their rainforest minds.

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Giftedness and the Rainforest Mind: Our Endangered Students

Bright, sensitive, intense, are descriptions I hear from many parents of gifted children. While most people think of gifted kids as those with high IQ’s or with high SAT scores, parents of gifted kids know that their children are more than their IQ scores.

Paula Prober (a licensed counselor who works with gifted adults, teens, and families) has put forth a metaphor that quite clearly describes these wonderful people: rainforest minds. As Paula says, “Like the rainforest, gifted individuals are often complex, multi-layered, intense, highly sensitive, colorful, creative, overwhelming, fragile and misunderstood.” I encourage you to click on the link I have created to find out more about her ideas about the rainforest mind.

So why is it that gifted kids are so endangered. Perhaps it is because No Child Left Behind has shifted public attention to students who are unable to meet basic standards, and perhaps it is because there is a general feeling that gifted kids can make it on their own. As a public teacher for more than 25 year, a university professor for another nine, and now as a gifted consultant, I know that gifted children deserve to receive a respectful and appropriate education.

The next time you go for surgery, you need to ask yourself if you want a gifted surgeon, or will you be willing to take one who barely met the standards? The next time you need an attorney, you need to ask yourself if you want a gifted attorney, or will you be willing to take one who barely met the standards? The next time you enroll your child in school, you need to ask yourself if you hope your child is in a classroom with a gifted educator, or are you willing to have your child taught by an educator who barely met the standards? I believe that we need to nurture and nourish all of our children, even those who seem to have great potential. In order to successfully solve the problems we will face in the future, we need citizens who have been encouraged to reach their fullest potential. It is time we cared enough about our gifted students to adequately fund their public school education!

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