About Paula Wilkes, Ph.D., CoachingtheGifted.net

After more than 35 years in education (as a public school teacher and university professor), I returned to my first love, consultations with parents and teachers of gifted children.

I was a very sensitive and intense little girl, and it took until I was 50 to understand these characteristics were part of my giftedness. I am also the mother of a daughter who was identified gifted in elementary school, so I have been able to see the life of a gifted child from the perspective of the child, the parent, and the teacher.

I am passionate about helping parents and teachers to understand and meet the needs of gifted students. I have provided “triage” for parents who didn’t know where to turn when their children were struggling with school and/or with social/emotional issues. I have also provided workshops for hundreds of parents on a range of issues, from best practices in parenting gifted children to advocating for gifted children at school and in the community.

Gifted children grow into gifted adults, who continue to have issues related to their giftedness and their ongoing need for intellectual stimulation at work and in their relationships. I am able to provide life coaching strategies for people in all stages of this sometimes challenging journey.

If any of these opportunities look interesting to you, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

Paula Wilkes, Ph.D.


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